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Frequently asked questions

Please scroll through this page for questions regarding your pot and purchase.

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Concrete Outdoor Chair with durable planter pots

What materials are used in making my pots?

We use a specialised cement, fibre and other material to ensure the highest quality products.

What colour options are available?

Please refer to our colour chart for standard colours.  Customised colours can also be done, Please contact us to discuss your requirements. We use natural paint techniques, colours may differ from actual colours displayed in our store. 


If you are planning to order a number of products in the same colour, we suggest that you place one order, to ensure that colours are the same.

We only use high quality UV resistant paint in our paint techniques.

Please note that your product colours may change due to weather

Colour Chart Decor Pots
Colour Chart Pots Garden Decor
Colour Chart Decor Pots

Can I "replace" my purchase?

Yes, we accept replacements within 30 days of purchase, if the product is unused and in the same condition. 

You can replace your purchase with any product of the same value.  Please e-mail your receipt and photos of your purchase to and the reasons for your request for a replacement.

Replacements are not applicable to plants, “on sale products”, damaged products due to improper use of product and gift vouchers.

How do I pay for my order?

Your payment can be made online when checking out your Cart.

We have Yoco available for online payments. These payment methods are automatically encrypted by our website host.

Alternatively you can make payment using EFT. When checking out your Cart and selecting EFT, you will receive an e-mail with your order and our banking details included for the direct transfer.

How does delivery work?

We handle all deliveries in house.  Once your order has been placed and paid we will communicate  your expected date of delivery with you. 

Please ensure that you capture the correct delivery address when placing your order.

Can I view the products in person?

Yes, you are welcome to visit one of our outlets (Talkingpots Moot or Talkingpots Rietvlei)  to view products and confirm your order and colours.

What pot size is right for me?

Each product has specifications and measurements.  

Please contact us should you require any assistance with selecting the perfect product for your needs.

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