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Useful information

With your purchase, here are some useful tips you might want to know.

Potting Guide

All our planter pots come with a drainage hole at the bottom. 

When planting, please ensure to cover the bottom inside with stone/gravel to ensure optimal drainage and prevent blockage for water to exit. 

Depending on which plants you are planting, refer to your soil supplier for the correct soil for your plants.

Pot Maintenance

We only use high quality paint and sealants in our production process. 

Planter pots – please ensure correct planting procedures are followed, to ensure optimal drainage of access water.  Blocked drainage will lead to “water cracks” forming on products.

Décor pots -  all our products are sealed with a high quality sealer to protect your pots from the elements.  Should you want to reseal your products from time to time, you can apply Nova #2 (matt or gloss) to your pots.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, should you require advise on product care.

Delivery Information

Our estimated delivery times are 5 working days upon payment for orders in stock and 5 – 15 working days for orders in production. 

During rainy season and public holidays, such as Christmas and Easter, delivery time may vary from normal.  Please allow additional time during these periods.  Please contact us if you are ordering large quantities of a certain product – to discuss expected delivery and stock availability.

Please ensure that your delivery location is accurate, we have the right to charge additional fees for incorrect locations provided.

Freight cost only cover for delivery and doesn’t include removal of packaging material or installation of products.

Delivery charges vary depending on your location and number of products ordered.  Please contact us for an accurate price on delivery.

Please ensure that all products are inspected upon delivery.  We will not be liable for any missing, damaged products or missing products unless the client submits a claim in writing within 7 days of the delivery.

If claims aren’t received within 7 days from delivery, we will deem the goods accepted by the client and cannot be returned or refunded.

We don’t install products (pots, fountains etc), unless a special arrangement has been organised upon purchase, which may incur additional cost.

In situations where the client has arranged for products to be installed (inside or outside) the client will ensure that products will fit through relevant openings.  Should we encounter access issues the products are to be left onsite with the client to resolve without our assistance.  This is not a returnable instance. 

We are not liable for any damage that occurs to buildings, paving, tiles, furniture etc. during positioning of products and the client accepts responsibility for.

If for any reason delivery is scheduled and our delivery team cannot access the premises/estate the client will have to pay an additional delivery fee.

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